Breakout Seminars

We all want to do what we can to help those in need.  Sometimes it is just knowing where and how?  We have answers to those questions!

This year we are offering nine outstanding Breakout Seminars. The seminars are a chance to hear from experts, participate in a discussion on key topics related to the overall breakfast program and learn about specific ways you can help address some high-priority needs of our state!

The free sessions take place immediately following the breakfast and run for one hour (9:00 – 10:00am).  No reservations required.  Adjust your calendar now and plan to attend one!

Many participants in the past have commented how attending in one of these sessions added value to their overall morning experience. Great opportunity to meet others who share your interests.

“WORKPLACE VOLUNTEERISM: Build More Purpose Into Your Workplace”
Brad Hewitt, Thrivent Financial; Scott Cummings, Accenture; Hillary Swanson, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN; Tracy Nielsen, HandsOn Twin Cities; Susan Schuster, Corporate Volunteerism Council/Blue Cross and Blue Shield of MN
Interested in building or amplifying a culture of volunteerism and employee engagement at your workplace?  This is a topic of interest not only to human resources professionals, but also front-line managers and senior leaders. It’s all about culture and energy!  A company that volunteers together builds memories together as a team and makes a difference in a way that lives on in company culture.

Chad Schwitters, Urban Homeworks; Susan Haigh, Habitat for Humanity; Becky Boland, Emma Norton Services
Did you wake up this morning with a roof over your head?  How safe would you feel living in a structure with electrical and plumbing not meeting code requirements?
You do not need to have specific skills to help. Let’s talk about volunteering opportunities everyone can participate in.

Tim Anderson, Ace in the City; Rev. Richard Payne, Wooddale Church; Sue Timmerman, UpWorks; Reynolds-Anthony Harris, Minnesota Harvest Initiative
We all know today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.  Few of us know about the numerous opportunities to volunteer in your schools right now.  Let’s give all our schools the local support they need, and deserve.

Cathy Maes, Loaves & Fishes; Patrick Rowan, Metro Wheels on Wheels; Rob Zeaske, Second Harvest Heartland; David Lose, Mt. Olivet
From children to senior citizens, more of our neighbors do not have regular meals each day.  Learn how can we work together to meet this growing need.

Jim Moore, R3 Collaborative; Michael Goar, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Twin Cities; Ron McConico, Youth Resources; David Pestel; SALT/Arrive Ministries; Margie Solomon, Jewish Family Service; Kevin Saunders, UpWorks
Mentoring can be life-changing.  For you, and the mentee.
Discover the joy of relational mentoring.  Come learn about how to match your background and experience with numerous openings working alongside youth and adults.

“INNOVATIVE CHURCHES: Sharing Love, Time & Talent to Change Our Neighborhoods.”
Rev. Kelly Chatman, Redeemer Church; Pastor Stephanie Williams O’Brien, Mill City Church; Rev. George Kenworthy, Wayzata Free Church; Rev. Bill Bohline, Hosanna Church
Today congregations are entrepreneurial and creative in the diverse ways they are serving their neighborhood and our state.  Come learn about fresh, innovative ways your congregation can share love, time & talent to change our communities.

Be challenged by a small church making a large neighborhood impact, medium churches impacting lives through Christian non-profit partnerships, and a large church focusing on launching Baby Boomers into purposeful ministry.

Lisa Barry, 98.5 KTIS Midday Host; Marianne Milano, 98.5 KTIS Radio
Team volunteering is fun, but we do not have to wait to organize a group to volunteer.
Every day you have an opportunity to “love your neighbor” by serving them.  Simple things all of us can do multiple times a day.  Soon, your occasional acts of individual kindness become habit and our world changes for the better.

Sammy Wanyonyi, Shine Ministries/MERGE; Mike Minich, World Servants
Who is this person Jesus we’ve been talking about? How do I go from knowing about him to actually knowing him? Where do I start and what will that mean for my life? Let’s explore all the important questions together.

Sue Jackson, MPB Prayer Team
Do you sometimes question the effectiveness of prayer?  Whether your prayers are being answered?  Or even heard?  How we talk influences our moods, attitudes and everything that happens in our day – including how we talk to God!  Join us for a discussion about how prayer can unlock our conflicts, relationships, work-life, health and destiny.  Let’s learn from each other how prayer works and talk about how you can enjoy a fulfilling and confident prayer life.  Prayer Team Members will also be available for private prayer with you.

Participate in one of these free sessions to learn how we can all work together for a stronger Minnesota.  Plan your schedule to attend one!