Breakout Seminars

The Breakout Seminars of the Minnesota Prayer Breakfast are a chance for an open and honest dialogue on key topics, as we explore how to apply some of what we heard in the breakfast program to our professional and personal lives. Great opportunity to interact and meet new contacts.

The free leadership sessions take place immediately following the breakfast and run for one hour (9:00 – 10:00am).  No reservations required.

Clear your calendar and plan to stay after the breakfast to attend one of these important sessions:

Leader: Bill Svoboda, Founder, Coed Monkey

The traditional lines between our personal lives, 9-5 workplace jobs and faith are blurring more than ever before, and Millennials are on the front-lines of this transition.  We’ll dive into some factors that go into this and discuss how faithful Millennials are changing the paradigm.  Bill Svoboda (Founder of 2 online businesses), Pastor Kirk Graham (River Valley Downtown Campus) and Krista Carroll                         (Co-Founder, Latitude) will lead conversation.

Leaders: Jay Carroll, Co-Founder/COO, SeQuel Response; David Stark, Business Leadership Consultant, KTIS Radio Host

How can we integrate faith into our organizations in a way that honors diversity of people and upholds appropriate boundaries in the marketplace?  We’ll discuss real-life situations and challenges.  Then we will all brainstorm and collect ways we have been successful and impactful in achieving this all important faith-work integration.  Come help us work on this together.

Leader: Dr. Thomas Blee, Trauma Surgeon, Regions Hospital; John Turnipseed, Executive Vice President Urban Ventures

Life inflicts all kinds of serious damage on our hearts, our minds and our relationships.  But in God there is always hope.  Let’s discuss how God offers us life-transforming hope and how we can achieve impossible healing together.

Leaders: Miguel Ramos, Director, Diversity Marketing, Minnesota Twins; Sammy Wanyonyi, CEO, Shine

People of 136 countries have come to live in Minnesota.  How do we communicate, live together and thrive?  We will discuss solutions to achieve genuine equality, justice and unity that lasts.  Jesus called the Temple of Jerusalem, “a house of prayer for all nations” – let’s take concrete steps toward that goal.

Leader: Steve Moore, Small Group Leader

Who is this person Jesus we’ve been all talking about?  How do I go from knowing about him to actually knowing him?  Where do I start and what will that mean for my life?  Let’s explore all the important questions together.

Leader: Sue Hewitt, Executive Director, UpWorks

Jesus calls us to love our neighbors, and many of them attend our local schools.  How can people of faith and local teachers and school leaders work together for the good of our whole communities?  We’ll hear from a public school administer, a pastor and a non-profit executive.  Let’s connect and share tangible ways faith groups are currently serving our schools and explore how we can all get involved.  Join us!

Leader: Julie White, President, Tapestry Solutions, Executive Coach

In all sectors and walks of life, women have tremendous opportunity and responsibility to lead, build relationships and share the love of Jesus with those we interact with and the lives we touch.  We’ll have panel of fascinating women, including a business leader, school psychologist, and ministry leader and college student.  Let’s spend an hour together and discuss, strategize and learn from each other so we can maximize our impact . . we are better together.

Leader: Wally Kolsrud, MN Prayer Breakfast Prayer Team Leader, Businessman

How we talk influences our moods, attitudes and everything that happens in our day – including how we talk to God! Join us for a discussion about how prayer can unlock our conflicts, relationships, work-life, health and destiny. Let’s learn from each other how prayer works.


We want your participation in these sessions, so we can learn how we can work together for a stronger Minnesota.  Plan your schedule so you can participate in one of these sessions.