What’s the history of the event?

The model of concerned citizens getting together to pray for their city, their state or their nation goes way back, obviously. But the current inspiration came from people in Seattle who began in the Great Depression to seek God’s help for the poor in their city. In the late 1950’s, members of Congress and President Eisenhower began an annual National Prayer Breakfast which spawned dozens of local and state breakfasts with their example. The Minnesota Prayer Breakfast was one of the earliest state gatherings, beginning in 1959.

What’s your connection to the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington?

We share a similar approach and many Minnesota friends have worked on both, however there is no official or legal affiliation.

Is this an interfaith event?

We are committed to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. In His name, we respect and welcome people of all religions and no religion to join us in learning how to pray and how to grow in faith.

Who runs the Minnesota Prayer Breakfast?

We are a volunteer group from a variety of walks of life and faith traditions who pray, meet and work throughout the year for all our leaders in the state.

How is money that is donated used?

Above and beyond facility, printing, event production, mailing and administrative costs – which are kept to a minimum – much of our ticket income and donations is used to allow us to offer a base level table price to attract new friends to be in prayer for Minnesota.

I notice some politicians and clergy at the event. Is this an official event? Is it a denominational event?

The Minnesota Prayer Breakfast is non-official, non-political and non-denominational. While many religious and government leaders attend, they participate like everybody else because they believe it is important to Minnesota. We are careful to make sure it is an open and respectful event so everyone feels welcome.

How can I get more involved?

Please share your email and phone number with us. We need help with our prayer teams, invitations, reaching out to communities across the state about locally based prayer groups and breakfasts and bringing new friends to the breakfast.

How do I get a ticket or make a donation to the Minnesota Prayer Breakfast?

You may order tickets through this website by clicking on the Purchase Tables or Donations tabs.

Past Minnesota Prayer Breakfast Committee Chairs

Bishop Alfred A. Leiske ‘61-62

Dr. C. Ansgar Nelson ’63-64

Robert M. McGarvey ‘65-68

Robert Tucker ’69

Russell W. Laxson ‘70

John H. Myers ’71

James P. McFarland ‘72

Louis Menk ’73

Donald Grangaard ‘74

Carl B. Drake, Jr. ’75

H. C. Piper, Jr. ‘76

Robert Haugen ’77

John E. Hulse ‘78

Norman M. Lorentzsen ’79

William W. George ‘80

Roy M. Svee ’81

David E. Kelby ‘82

Cary H. Humphries ’83

Robert S. Dunbar ‘84

Daniel F. May ’85

Raymond F. Good ‘86

Gordon Lindquist ’87

Clair Strommen ‘88

James Reagan ’89

Lowell C. Anderson ‘90

Allen Jacobson ’91

H. William Lurton ‘92

Cary H. Humphries ’93

Larry D. Fransen ‘94

Kenneth R. Larson ’95

Norman M. Jones & William P. Bartkowski ‘96

Harry J. Repstad ’97

Cy D. Laurent ‘98

Gil Thoele ’99

Linda Rios Brook ‘00

David R. Frauenshuh ’01

Robert Naegele, Jr. & Robert Naegele, III ’02

Dr. William & Shadra Hogan ’03

Dr. Glen Nelson & Marilyn Carlson Nelson ’04

Bob & Polly McCrea ’05

Tad & Cindy Piper ’06

Marc & Alicia Belton ’07

Ron James ’08

Dennis & Megan Doyle, ’09

Jim & Kathryn Ramstad, ’10

Jay Bennett & Rev. Richard Coleman, ’11

Mike & Pam Sime, ’12

Mary Pawlenty, ’13

MNPB Committee ’14

MNPB Committee ’15

MNPB Committee ’16

MNPB Committee ’17

MNPB Committee ’18

MNPB Committee ’19

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