Friday, July 7 ~ Praying for lives of precious friends

Psalm 116:15

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his faithful servants.

Been a rough week in Lake Wobegon: two funerals today and another dear friend at the door.  July four years ago, my dear Lori Jo entered the hospital — to get on with her dying.  But a life of faith for me is an attempt to conform my values, attitudes and emotions to the way God sees, thinks and feels.  So I need to view death differently.  In the air all around me is the idea that death is sad, awful and the ultimate thing to be avoided.  But this ancient proverb says God views it as “precious.”  That’s kind of a shock (but a good one).  From Genesis on, God is pictured as dearly wanting a personal relationship with us.  When the Garden of Eden failed, and then all the rules didn’t work, God sent Jesus to deal once-and-for-all with the sin that impedes our relationship.  I guess death removes the final obstacle.  I don’t know what life in heaven is like for my family and friends, but I’m pretty sure that my being really sad about their deaths doesn’t make ’em happy.  God either.  What’s “precious in the sight of the Lord” can’t be bad, can it?

Lord, I thank you for the lives of Bob, Cindy, Lori Jo, Steve and many others.  They’re all faithful servants of yours, and I sure believe that their work continues.  Help me to be at peace with their deaths and to somehow enjoy their precious futures with you.  Amen.

~ by Steve Moore