Tuesday, the Fourth of July ~ Praying for liberty for all

Leviticus 25:10

Proclaim liberty throughout all the land, unto all the inhabitants thereof. “

When the early Americans chose this verse to be carved on the Liberty Bell, I think they knew what it really meant.  It was an instruction from God to Israel regarding the Year of Jubilee.  Every 50th year, all slaves were to be freed, all debts were to be forgiven outright and all land was to be returned to its original owners. They never did it, which is no huge surprise.  What an economic tsunami!  But it gives us an unmistakeable sense of the uncompromising justice of the God we serve.  What about the slavery, debt and massive accumulation of wealth which are all around us?  In the early church of Jesus it says in Acts that “they owned all things in common” and “no one was in need.”  Every year was Jubilee for those folks.  I will celebrate this day by trying to figure out how God wants me to declare independence from all my stuff.

Lord, forgive me for thinking that I have earned everything I have.  It’s all a gift from you. Show me how I should re-gift it to others, so more people can experience your liberty. Amen.

~ by Steve Moore